What is an Escape Room?

Lockout is a Rochester escape room with interactive live activity for groups seeking a unique experience. We transport you and your team consisting of friends, family, colleagues, or complete strangers into a new world. Your adventure starts when we put you in one of our fully immersive 4D puzzle rooms where you will need to find clues, solve puzzles,and wrack your brain for all it’s worth to get to the heart of the story and escape the room. This will take team effort! The more that everyone is involved and works together the quicker you will (may) escape!

Did we mention you only have 60 minutes? Can you escape?

Book one of our games online.
Arrive 15 minutes before the game.
Get locked in for 60 minutes.
Work to escape and celebrate your victory!

Current Escape Rooms

Room #9 - Lockout Rochester Escape Room

Room #9

It’s April 4th, 1978. You and your traveling partners have been forced to seek shelter at an old, rustic hotel. The only room available has been rumored to have a dark and mysterious past. The front of house staff warns you repeatedly that no one survives more than one hour in the room, but you choose to stay there anyway. Within your first minute of entering the room, you immediately feel regret for ignoring the staff’s advice. You now have 60 minutes to escape before room #9 consumes your very existence.

Number of Players:   4-10
Difficulty Rating:   Medium
Type:   Spooky

Success Rate
Double Agent - Lockout Rochester Escape Room

Double Agent

Entrusted by senior levels of the U.S. government during World War II, you and a small group of highly trained spies have successfully infiltrated the Nazi ranks. The German army is planning a mass, naval attack within 8 hours, which means It’s now time to move on your objective and locate the enigma machine, a codex used by the Nazis to protect the routes of the German U Boat fleet. The codex rests in a well defended bunker, riddled with traps and enigmatic clues. It’s your mission to obtain the codex and return it to Alan Turing, the man who will eventually crack the code. The fate of the allied forces rests on your shoulders. Retrieve the codex and move one step closer towards ending the war.

Number of Players: 4-10
Difficulty Rating: Difficult
Type: Adventure

Success Rate
Prison Break - Lockout Rochester Escape Room

Prison Break

Coming Soon…






Number of Players: 4-8
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Type: Adventure

Success Rate
Axe Throwing - Lockout Rochester Escape Room

Axe Throwing

Who hasn’t dreamt about hurling a sharp object through the air at some point in their lives? Live out your primal fantasies and get in touch with your wild side. (Please don’t bring any raw meat)

You will be taught proper axe throwing technique and given time to test your skills!

Live the dream.Throw an Axe.Get Primal

Number of Players: 4-15
Difficulty Rating:
Type: Adventure

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Our escape room is located at 80 Rockwood Pl Suite 108, Rochester, NY 14610